We Have Disputed the Process of Shipper Fund Retention & Loss of Profit. This is What We Do.

Container shipping is a relatively young enterprise. The first true containership service did not even begin until 1968. Today, the number of vendors offering ocean freight services exceed 5,000. Each of those vendors has inconsistent models in the application and control of their ocean freight invoices. In fact, in 2017 the issuance of incorrect invoices and a broken process where Shippers are left on their own to navigate a refund recovery is at its highest since the advent of containerization. Even historic disputes previously identified by our client never materialize into a recovery due to the vendors inefficiencies and lack of incentives to complete the transaction. In today’s container shipping environment, recovering a refund drains more Shipper resources than ever before.  Ocean Audit has the expertise and strong, global connections with your ocean freight vendors to navigate and advocate for a successful resolution favoring the Shipper.  Ocean Audit utilizes its expertise on a contingency only basis. You can have the world’s leading expert complete your ocean freight refunds without the need for expensive hourly or transactional fees.


In 2017, ocean freight invoice errors are BCO’s number 1 issue after service failures – Service failures get 90% of the attention, invoice issues and dispute management – not so much – We double your refunds.

Years of inaccurate ocean freight invoicing

Up to 9 years’ worth of refunds reclaimed back to your treasury

CFO’s looking for more value from their supply chain

Bringing together finance and logistics teams to map a

self-service recovery model for future ocean freight invoices

Technical ocean invoice disputes in real time and historic

Solutions generated in under 1 hour

Fragmented invoice process with over 5,000 vendors

Customized and clean solution for resolving disparate

invoice recoveries in 96 hours

Dispute management of incorrect invoices

Getting paid by vendors is never easy. We use our senior

level industry connections to bring a professional resolution

favoring our client



Case Studies



0.25% of ocean spend recovered in 96 hours. Newly minted process for Volkswagen to take control of their own internal audit.


$250,000 recovered from 10 countries with less than 1 hour of Client interfacing. Putting invoicing controls and the invoice dispute process as central controls within the global ocean freight bid environment.


Instantaneous refunds exceeding $200,000 completed and confirmed by ocean vendor within 1 week from commencing the engagement. Money was recovered using a prototype process developed by ocean audit to make the identification and return of the funds much easier on the part of the ocean freight vendors.