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Uncover billing errors and overcharges with Ocean Audit's data driven analysis, and claim your ocean refund today.

My Message to Prospective Clients

I'm Steve Ferreira and I'm the world's top thought leader in global logistics overspend CEO of Ocean Audit Founder & Host of Ocean Freight TV.

Did you know?

Beneficial cargo owners lost $10B in the past 2 years.

Do you know how much you lost due to overcharges?

I've already pre-audited your public data. You could be viewing confirmed refund recoveries in 24 hours from now.


Unprecedented Volatility


The supply chain crisis, Containergeddon, and COVID-19 created an unprecedented situation

Invoicing Inaccuracies

Chart 1

Back then it was so chaotic and frenetic that ~25% of the invoices were overbilled and overpaid…and never recovered.

Chart 2

Now is the time to recover up to 3-4% of your costs for the past 3 years.

20 of our clients are Fortune 100.

$100M cumulative recovery

Importers can't count on the global logistics vendors to voluntarily return overbilled invoice fees.

Any audit recovery is squarely on the shippers to do.

I review every detail of your public & private invoice data to find overspending.

Vendors confirm initial refunds in days.


It’s not just for the “money back”,
but to help you better understand the processes and recognize vendor inaccuracies.

Our process is complete

when your money is recovered

With my simplified audit process you can receive refund validation in a few business days and better understand the operational efficiencies.

Step 1


1 hour

Step 2


2-5 business days

Step 3


Handled by OA

1-5 business days

Step 4


30-45 calendar days

OA invoices a % of the recovery

Recover 6-figure overspend

In just a few days


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