Ocean Freight Refunds Identified Before Our First Call. 

No two Shippers are alike. We fluently adjust to and solve your ocean freight recovery issues. During our first call, even with no sharing of data sent to Ocean Audit, you can expect us to reveal your actual invoice numbers, vessel/voyages, container numbers, vendors and even certain refund details our machine learning process has pre-configured for your company. Using real time and historic United States Government manifest tools, our process frequently validates overcharges with your vendors in less than one week.  This "proof of concept" audit convinces even the biggest skeptic in your organization, who believes that their selection of freight payment, pre and post audit vendors have identified all errors. 

Ocean Audit's process validates the reality of ocean invoice deficiencies and how they siphon away your bottom line. Going forward after "proof of concept", we keep the resource time required from your team to an absolute minimum. Since initial vendor errors are proved to our client in the first days of our engagement, clients are highly motivated to continue the audit by sharing contracts, invoices and payment data. In most cases, give us one hour and your entire 3-year library of container invoices is audited to reclaim the maximum amount possible. Ocean Audit communicates directly with ocean freight vendor senior staff from all around the globe. With these strong relationships in place, Ocean Audit is able to work with motivated vendors who know that they are working with the world's leading expert in the ocean freight recovery space.





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