How It Works

Our clients receive three unique benefits:

Double your annual refunds on ocean freight

Traditional freight auditing fails to detect 50% of errors in ocean freight invoicing – half of all potential refunds and credits go unnoticed. We check each invoice for the most common ocean freight error types so your company can claim the maximum revenue recovery possible.

Complete 3-year revenue recovery

Your company suffers a 1% loss on your annual ocean freight spend each year because routine audits fail to identify all overpayments. The global statute of limitations on ocean freight recovery is 3 years. Successfully recover 3% of your total ocean spend for the past 36 months.

Control over a hidden data security issue

Every ocean freight invoice is like a digital fingerprint, potentially putting your data and market positions at risk. That’s why CISOs, CMOs, and CFOs actively turn to Ocean Audit so that they can understand how ocean freight invoicing impacts their supply chain.

All it takes is a free one-hour online setup.

Ocean Audit’s process has been refined over 20 years to require minimal resources and participation on your part. Here’s how it works:

One-hour 100% secure online setup

The initial discussion is done online and the setup takes no more than an hour. Any data you provide is protected by the latest encryption standards.

Detailed ocean freight audit

We recreate your payment history over the past three years, checking your invoices for the most common ocean freight error types.

Complete fund recovery

We raise claims with vendors and oversee dispute resolution until all funds are returned to your company’s bank account.

Digital footprint security review

We share three secret techniques to help your CISO, CMO, and CFO protect your digital footprint.

Error report and analysis

Once our audit is complete, we provide a detailed analysis of all errors found as well as a custom claim form prepared for each vendor.

Continuous support

After your initial revenue recovery, you can continue working with Ocean Audit on a scheduled basis. The educational support we provide helps our clients dramatically reduce future invoice errors.

The disruptive financial and security breach CXOs need to know about

We know that 100% of our first-time clients have significant ocean freight refunds and credits available to them. Our clients are also severely affected by the ocean freight invoicing process due to three underlying issues that 95% of customers are unaware of.

That’s why we can afford to make this promise to you:

Contact us today and we’ll show you how you can claim thousands of dollars in refunds in under 24 hours with no documentation required.

No payment or contract information required – just take 30 seconds to fill out the contact form.

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