There’s a double threat hidden in your ocean freight invoices

Companies are vulnerable to both revenue losses and data leaks

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Thousands of dollars in refunds identified in 24 hours. No setup fee. No documentation required.

The invisible budget breach that CFOs need to know about

Overcharges happen too often

The CEO of the world’s largest container shipping company publicly announced that 12% of the company’s ocean freight invoices are incorrect.

50% of identified refunds are never claimed

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in refund claims are identified by auditors but never recovered due to the tangled dispute process established by vendors.

50% of potential refunds are never identified

Because auditors only focus on gross miscalculations that require no expertise to data mine, over half of these lost profits will never even be identified.

Your revenue decreases despite auditing

Even with multiple layers of internal and external freight audit, companies accumulate at least 1% pure loss on ocean freight spend each year.

The issue stays invisible

If your company’s auditing teams don’t focus on ocean shipping, this budget leak can remain hidden for years until it expires, making any refund or credit worthless.

Estimate the size of your company’s budget breach.

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The disruptive security breach that CISOs need to know about

Every invoice that has ever been issued to your company for container shipping services produces an enormous digital footprint. Most audits don’t even attempt to rectify this issue, leaving your proprietary data at risk.

The executives we work with are typically unaware to what extent ocean freight impacts their digital security.

Recover your lost ocean freight spend. Plug the data leaks that other audits overlook.

Ocean Audit’s proprietary process complements your existing freight auditing systems to recover an additional 1% of your annual ocean freight spend and control the digital footprint that the container shipping process leaves in its wake.

Try Ocean Audit risk-free and:

  • Detect otherwise untraceable overcharges

    Each invoice is checked for 42 ocean freight-specific errors that standard freight audits do not take into account.

  • Recover the maximum amount of credit

    Ocean Audit can recover 1% of your global ocean freight spend over the past 3-5 years.

  • Return funds directly to your bank

    We raise claims, process disputes, and return funds directly to your company’s bank account. No recovery, no fee.

  • Consult the leading ocean freight experts

    Frequently mentioned in leading publications such as USA Today, Reuters and The Journal of Commerce.

  • Eliminate future profit-draining errors

    Ocean Audit’s results provide you and your vendors a game plan for enhanced invoice control.

We’ve provided substantial refunds and credits to 100% of our clients for over 20 years. Every single one of those clients also faced a critical data breach of some sort.

We can guarantee your company has unrealized refund potential as well as holes in its data security that need to be fixed.

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About Ocean Audit

Ocean Audit’s founder and CEO

Steve Ferreira

has 30 years of experience in the industry. He established the gold standard for ocean freight invoice and dispute auditing in 1994. Ocean Audit is the only international company specializing in ocean freight refund and credit recovery. The US Government and eleven different Fortune 100 companies have made use of Ocean Audit’s unique process to recover thousands of dollars in lost funds. Ocean Audit has also been featured in leading business publications.